The Best Bass Fishing Rod and Reel for Different Situations

The Best Bass Fishing Rod and Reel for Different Situations

Bass is a species that many anglers want to catch. However, to make it possible, you need the right rod and reel combo. While there are some universal combos that suit most anglers, be sure to analyze your options carefully to pick the best rod and reel for your own situation.


The open-face design is the reason why so many anglers opt for this option. Casting with a spinning reel is very easy, so if you are just starting to fish for bass, this option might be the best for you.

A metal bail located on the top of the line helps you to lock the line in the spool. This type of reel is attached below the rod, which makes it more balanced and practical. Make sure that you use light lines with it.

While fishing with this reel, you can expect a lot of power. They are also suitable for saltwater fishing. You might also notice that spinning reels are cheaper than other options.


Baitcasting reels are dedicated to more advanced anglers, as they are relatively hard to control. Their biggest advantage is that they deliver great precision.

With this type of reel, you release the line straight. The spool has to be in total control, so anglers need to add a little pressure to it. Otherwise, you risk tangling the line. Baitcasting reels work best with heavier lines and lures.

This reel can offer power and precision, but it’s not for everyone. Additionally, you need to specially prepare it if you want to use it for saltwater fishing.

Choose the Best Bass Fishing Rod and Reel Combo


You now know the difference between these two types of reels. Now, let’s have a look at factors you should consider while choosing your bass fishing rod and reel combo.


Choose a longer rod to cast farther and have better control of the lure. Longer rods are perfect when you are fishing for bass, as they can sometimes be easily spooked. Your rod can be between 6 and 8 feet long.

You can connect a longer rod with a larger reel, as it can hold more line and be helpful if you are getting a big fish.


Some anglers think this part is not important, but having a rod with a comfortable handle should be a priority. Some bass fishing trips can be very long, and this is when you are going to appreciate the fact you spent a bit of time picking the right handle.

If your grip is weak and your wrist is tired, you have much less control of the rod and reel. So choosing a good handle is not only a matter of your comfort, but can also influence the outcome of your trip.

Rod Material

You can choose a fiberglass rod or a graphite rod.

If you need a strong and flexible option for catching a huge bass, fiberglass is a better option. Remember, however, that they are usually slow-action rods, so they won’t work well in windy weather. They are great, though, when you fish in heavy cover.

Graphite rods are lighter and more sensitive. This is why they can serve well for beginners. You can also make more accurate casts with them.



If you are planning to fish right next to your home, you don’t need to worry about it too much. However, if you like to travel for fishing, this is a factor you have to consider.

Many fishing rods come in two pieces, but you might want even more collapsible options. You can find them on the market – they are comfortable to carry, lightweight, and easy to transport, even in your bag.


The action of the rod signifies where the rod bends. The action of the rod influences the sensitivity and hook setting options. Slow-action rods, which bend throughout the entire length of the rod, might be better if you are trying to catch a big bass and are using heavy lures.


The power of the rod means how much the rod can bend. It has a big influence on how big the lure can be and how big a fish you can catch. If you are up to catching a smallmouth bass, you can choose a light-power rod. But big basses require a heavy-power rod.

While choosing the action and power of the rod, think about the size of the fish you want to catch. Fast-action and light power are perfect for smaller fish, while slow-action and heavy power will serve you in case you want a bigger bass.

Drag System

A good drag system allows you to adjust the resistance on the fishing line. When you fight a bass with the support of a drag system, you don’t risk breaking off the line. This is why, when searching for a perfect rod and reel combo for bass, you should choose a reel with an easy-set drag system.


The weight of your rod and reel combo can affect the sensitivity. When you have a light set, the sensitivity is much higher. Because of that, you can more easily notice what is happening around the hook. If you are catching smallmouth bass, opt for a lighter combo.

Reel Seat


With a good reel seat, you can balance the rod and feel it better. Comfort and control are not things you should forget about. You need to keep the rod sturdy and not get too tired too quickly to fully enjoy your fishing adventure.

While buying a combo, always try holding the set, and see how it balances and feels in your hand.


As you can see, there are many factors that you have to consider while choosing the best rod and reel combo for you. Remember to prioritize your personal preferences and choose the combo that will serve you in most situations. The choice should be mostly based on the size of the fish you want to get and your angling style.

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