Tampa Bay Fishing Charters Forced to Raise Prices Due to Unprecedented Inflation

Tampa Bay Fishing Charters Forced to Raise Prices Due to Unprecedented Inflation

Inflation continues to raise prices all over the country. Because of this, fishing charters in Tampa Bay are forced to raise their prices to keep up.

Inflation has hit every individual and business hard nowadays. From rising prices of groceries to fuel, many businesses have either been forced to raise their rates to keep up with inflation or worst, shut down temporarily or permanently.

The fishing charter industry in Tampa Bay is no different. Even amid the summer months, which is the peak season for charter boats in the area, businesses have been forced to raise their prices or cut profits. With gas prices alone skyrocketing, it has cost expenses to rise as high, with some owners contemplating shutting down.

Not only has inflation negatively impacted fishing charter business and their prices, but their customers as well. People are now more focused on saving for their necessities that they have less money to travel and join charters.

“The business has slowed down quite a bit compared to the past years and it gets worse as inshore and offshore fishing charters have to deal with the lower customer rates and higher operational expenses,” says Tim Stocks, owner of Tampa Bay Fishing Charters. Before, the summer season would be fully booked for weeks to months ahead. Today, some weekends are still open and there aren’t many calls taken.

“Despite everything happening, we still hold hope that prices start to lower, particularly gas, and that we see more people looking for open dates.” Tim Stocks says. Here at Tampa Bay, there are many different species to catch inshore and offshore, with hopefully locals and tourists still joining charters to get a lot of action.

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