Stardew Valley Fishing – All Fish & Where To Catch Them

Stardew Valley Fishing – All Fish & Where To Catch Them

Fish are a great resource to utilize in Stardew Valley. They are all over the place, and several of them are required to complete the Community Center. In addition, they’re excellent for selling on the open market, or by using them in dishes.

The times and locations for tracking down these fish are challenging. You need to discover this on your own by monitoring their behavior, or by learning them from a large list. We have all of that information detailed for you, making it easy to know where you need to go. Here’s what you need to know about where to find all Fish and their locations in Stardew Valley.

Where to Find Every Fish Location in Stardew Valley

Fishing in a red lake in Stardew Valley
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These are all of the fish you can find in Stardew Valley, and where you can find them in the game. You won’t be able to find them in every season, so you may need to wait several weeks before they can appear. Here are all of the fish locations in Stardew Valley.

Fish Location Time
Albacore Ocean Fall 6am to 11am

Winter 6pm to 2am
Anchovy Ocean Spring

Blue Discus Ginger Island

Pond and Rivers
All year
Bream River

All year, 6pm to 2 am during
Blobfish Submarine ride Night Market
Bream River (town and forest) All year
Bullhead Mountain lake All year
Carp Mountain lake

Secret Woods


All year

Catfish River (town and forest)

Secret Woods


Witch’s Swamp
All year, 6am to 12am
Chub River (forest)

Mountain lake
All year
Clam Ocean Crab pot
Cockle Ocean Crab pot
Crab Ocean Crab pot
Crayfish Fresh water Crab pot
Dorado River (forest) Summer 6am to 7pm
Eel Ocean Spring, Fall 4pm to 2am
Flounder Ocean Spring, Summer 4pm to 2am
Ghostfish Mines (levels 20 and 60)

Ghost drops
All year
Halibut Ocean Spring, Summer, Winter

6am to 11am, 7pm to 2am
Herring Ocean Spring and Winter
Ice Pip Mines (levels 60) All year (must be level five fishing)
Largemouth Bass Mountain lake All year
Lava Eel Mine (level 100) All year (must be level seven fishing)
Lingcod River (town and forest)

Mountain lake
Lionfish Ginger Island

All Seasons
Lobster Ocean Crab pot
Midnight Carp Mountain lake

Cindersap forest pond
Fall, Winter 10pm to 2am
Midnight Squid Submarine ride Night Market
Mussel Ocean Crab pot
Octopus Ocean Summer 6am to 1pm
Oyster Ocean Crab pot
Perch River (town and forest)

Forest pond

Mountain lake
Periwinkle Fresh water Crab pot
Pike River (town and forest)

Forest pond
Summer, Winter
Pufferfish Ocean

Ginger Island
Summer 12pm to 4pm

All Seasons on Ginger Island
Rainbow Trout River (town and forest)

Mountain lake
Summer 6am to 7pm
Red Mullet Ocean Summer, Winter 6am to 7pm
Red Snapper Ocean Summer, Fall, Winter (using rain totem)

6am to 7pm
Salmon River (town and forest) Fall 6am to 7pm
Sand Fish The desert All year 6am to 8pm
Sardine Ocean Spring, Fall, Winter 6am to 7pm
Scorpion Carp The desert All year (must be level four fishing)

6am to 8pm
Sea Cucumber Ocean Fall, Winter 6am to 7pm
Shad River (town and forest) Spring, Summer, Fall

9am to 2pm
Shrimp Ocean Crab pot
Slimejack Mutant Bug Lair All year
Smallmouth Bass River (town)

Forest pond
All year
Snail Freshwater Crab pot
Spook Fish Submarine Ride Night Market
Squid Ocean Winter 6pm to 2am
Stingray Pirate Cove on Ginger Island All Year
Stonefish Mines (level 20) All year (must be fishing level three)
Sturgeon Mountain lake Summer, Winter 6am to 7pm
Sunfish River (town and forest) Spring, Summer 6am to 7pm
Super cucumber Ocean Summer, Fall 6pm to 2am
Tiger Trout River (town and forest) Fall, Winter 6am to 7pm
Tilapia Ocean Summer, Fall 6am to 2pm
Tuna Ocean Summer, Fall 6am to 7pm
Void Salmon Witch’s Swamp All year
Walleye River (town and forest)

Forest pond

Mountain lake
Fall, Winter (with rain totem)

12pm to 2am
Woodskip Secret woods


Forest farm
All year

The fish in Stardew Valley are extremely useful. You can capture them to place into fish ponds, provide them as gifts to residents of the town, or sell them directly to the market for a good profit. There are a variety of different fish available in the game, and you can find them in different parts of the map, and at specific times of the year.

Legendary Fish

The legendary fish are the most difficult to catch and elusive fish in Stardew Valley. You can only catch legendary fish once per save file, so after you capture one of these five you cannot catch them again. Here are all of the legendary fish in Stardew Valley.

Fish Location Time
Angler North of Jojamart Fall (must be fishing level three)
Crimsonfish On the beach, east pier Summer (must be fishing level five)
Glacierfish Cindersap Forest, south end Winter (must be fishing level six)
Glacierfish Jr. South end of Arrowhead Island All Year
Legend Mountain Lake, near the log Spring (must be fishing level 10)
Legend II The Mountain Lake near the log All Year
Ms. Angler North of JojaMart All Year
Mutant Carp The Sewers All year
Radioactive Carp The Sewers All Year
Son of Crimsonfish East pier of The Beach All Year

How to Fish in Stardew Valley

In order to fish in Stardew Valley, you must first get yourself a fishing rod. Go to the beach during the second Spring day and look for Willy to get your hands on one. With a rod in hand, cast the line into the water and patiently wait for a fish to take the bait. To be successful, you must play a mini-game in which your objective is to keep the fish icon within a green rectangle until the progress bar is completely filled.

What are Fish Ponds in Stardew Valley?

Fish ponds are a feature in Stardew Valley that provide the ability to cultivate and breed fish. Constructing a fish pond on your farm requires 200 Stone, 5 Seaweed, 5 Green Algae, and 5,000g. After the pond is built, you can introduce fish into it. Over time, these fish will multiply and may yield items like Roe.

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