‘Snow’, Merlion spitting ‘water’ and more: ‘Kaypoh auntie’ organises her last Christmas party for residents in Bedok Reservoir estate

‘Snow’, Merlion spitting ‘water’ and more: ‘Kaypoh auntie’ organises her last Christmas party for residents in Bedok Reservoir estate

SINGAPORE — Twinkling fairy lights, baubles and snowflakes adorn a Christmas “tree” made of fishing nets, with a gold star perched on top. A snowman made of two floating buoys, colourful reindeer lights and a life-sized sleigh stand at the foot of Block 702 Bedok Reservoir Road.

The elaborate Christmas display at this corner of Bedok has become an annual tradition, started by Bedok resident Sandy Goh Siew Hua, who has been coordinating the estate’s decorations and gatherings since 2011.

But on Dec 23, more than 100 residents gathered for their last Christmas neighbourhood party, which was held at Blocks 702 and 703. Besides a catered buffet, there was an assortment of homemade food contributed by residents.

Madam Goh, 55, borrowed a snow foam machine from a friend to give residents an “unforgettable experience”. There was even an inflatable pool for children to play in.

Children could be seen running around in the snow foam or swimming in the pool, while another group of partygoers started their own barbecue. “This is a no-rule party, people can do whatever they want,” Madam Goh said.

For the past decade, she has organised a group of volunteers to put up do-it-yourself decorations for different festivals such as Christmas, Chinese New Year, Deepavali and Hari Raya Puasa.

Despite all that she has done, multiple complaints have been made about her decorations and parties over the years, she said. These range from “stealing” electricity for the decorations to the noise and mess caused by the gatherings.

A poster on being a good neighbour was put up recently at the foot of Block 702, including instructions to keep the place neat and clean, as well as to refrain from loud noises during late hours of the day.

Madam Goh said she obtains all the permits needed from the town council and other relevant departments for the corner and every activity she organises or decorations that are put up.

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