Six months on from its full release, Dave the Diver has netted 3m sales

Six months on from its full release, Dave the Diver has netted 3m sales

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Your sushi restaurant in Dave The Diver.

Image credit: MintRocket

Definitely-not-an-indie-game Dave the Diver has reeled in an impressive sales milestone, just six months after the mix of fishing sim, restaurant management game and slice-of-life RPG exited Early Access.

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Dave the Diver first bobbed up to the surface back in 2022 as a curious blend of fishing minigame and running a sushi restaurant that managed to make a bit of a splash thanks to its unexpectedly winning smörgåsbord.

After almost a year in Early Access, developers Mintrocket – an arm of Korean publishing giant Nexon, making Dave the Diver decidedly Not Indie no matter what Geoff Keighley tells you – launched the finished game last June. Well, mostly finished, anyway, as they’ve continued to add quality of life improvements – including reduced button-mashing – and some other new gameplay elements (largely crustacean-based) in updates since.

In the just-over six months since, Dave the Diver has shifted three million copies around the world, Mintrocket announced in a post aping The Beatles’ Sgt. Pepper’s cover with the game’s pixellated characters. Those sales lump together both PC and Nintendo Switch players, but it’s an impressive number to hit regardless.

The sales marker follows hot on the heels of Dave the Diver’s collection of the Sit Back And Relax Award from this year’s Steam Awards, one of the more understandable winners among some eyebrow-raising recipients voted for by players.

While Mintrocket have been putting out new content for Dave the Diver, they’ve already revealed their plans for their next project, a much less Sit Back And Relax-y horror game that throws players into a grim struggle for survival in a zombie apocalypse. Maybe you’ll be able to fish to take the edge off desperate misery, at least.

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