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The “jet angler” kayak by aquanami -JetSuf

Go beyond conventional surfing with the new Aquanami jetSURF. This jet powered surfboard will take your breath away.

$2,750.00 Excluding_Tax


Go beyond conventional surfing with the new Aquanami jetSURF. This jet powered surfboard will take your breath away. Experience the adrenaline of surfing anytime! It is easy to learn, but also offers the ability to improve your skills with practice. Most riders can get up and start surfing their first time out. The Aquanami jetSURF offers everyone the opportunity to surf without having to go to the beach. Our jetSURF operates well in fresh or salt water.

The cable handle controller features an easy to operate, light weight, maximum grip designed for comfort. Your speed is easily controlled with the handheld throttle. You change direction on the jetSURF with the shift of your weight, just like you do when surfing or skate boarding. Our jetSURF allows for amazing speed and maneuverability.

Even beginners are able to capture the exhilarating sensation of ripping through a wake. Our jetSURF is a superior surfboard and is ideal for both flat and rough waters! A seasoned surfer will have a blast with the jetSURF. Beginners won’t need much time to become very proficient.

You won’t believe how exhilarating the jetSURF is with a top speed of 35 miles per hour. We powered the jetSURF with a max.17.5 horsepower four stroke engine. It is a closed loop water cooled system. The twin fins allow for fabulous cut backs and offers superior maneuverability. It also comes standard with electric start. From your very first ride you will understand and appreciate the jetSURF as the most exciting Sport Water Craft available in the marketplace today!

–    Handheld throttle with start and stop button.                         
–    Non-slip foot pad
–    Two snap-in fins

–    Recomended load: 200 lbs – 91 kg
–    Dimensions: 97″ x 27.5″, 246 x 70 cm
–    Dry weight: 112 lbs – 54 kg
–    Electric start

–    Engine: four-stroke,  closed loop water cooling system
–    9,5 PS version, Max. speed: 25 mp/h, 40 km/h – DISCONTINUED

–    Max. 17,5 PS version, Max. speed: ?? mp/h, ?? km/h-UNDER DEVELOPMENT
–    1,8 gallon ( 7,6 L ) gas tank: 1-2 hours of play time

  • The original version of this jet-propelled “jet kayak” is called the “JetKayak GT”. It is very similar to the “Jet Angler” except that it only has one seat
  • The newer “Jet Angler” (that is featured in the video below) can hold one or two people and comes standard with multiple rod holders
  • It can hold up to a 17.5  Horsepower, 4 Stroke gasoline engine and will hit speeds of 32 MPH with one person and 28 MPH max speed with two people
  • 3.7-gallon gas tank that will give you approximately 100 miles on a single tank
  • It was designed for fishing the flats and for duck hunting
  • Works great in both freshwater and saltwater
  • It uses a central joystick for steering
  • Apparently very stable and very tough to flip over
  • Flat button hull to get you in less than a foot of water
  • Dry weight: 249 lbs
  • No trailer needed (can fit in your truck, but still will need at least two people to lift it at 250lbs)
  • Has an automatic bilge pump in the engine compartment



15 HP, Four stoke engine
Low noise, economic ride
Water Jet propulsion
Easy to use central joystick
Electric starter
Multiple fishing rod mounting bases
Dry storage compartment
Big wet storage compartment
Adjustable foot pedals
Analog gauges for easy reading
Unmatched stability: moving or fishing
It floats in 3 ” – 7 cm of water
Can operate in 4″ – 6″ ( 10 – 15 cm ) of water
Light weight: 249 lbs , 114 kg
Dimensions: 142″ x 38″ , 360 x 96 cm
Load capacity of 350 lbs, 160 KG
Speed: 25-27 mph ( 40 – 44 km/h )
Range: 40 miles ( 65 km )


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