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jetKAYAK GT offers nothing ordinary except a whole new exciting boating experience. The new sport watercraft delivers to you an exhilarating day on the water whether your joyriding with family and friends or on-the-go-fishing anywhere. The electric start makes it easy and fast to begin your adventure.

The jetKAYAK GT has an amazingly shallow draft and direct drive jet propulsion. Because of this you can go places as shallow as 10 inches deep. We engineered the hull for the best possible performance and turning capabilities. The centrally located joystick is simple to use, easy to control and provides incredible maneuverability. We have included features like adjustable foot peddles for the jetKAYAK GT. This allows for people of all sizes to enjoy the Aquanami experience. It also comes standard with two dry storage compartments. The Aquanami jetKAYAK GT is not for the faint of heart. It is fast, zippy, and highly maneuverable. This water craft is unlike anything you have ever seen or driven.

When you looking for affordable recreation, the jetKAYAK GT is fun and fuel efficient. This watercraft offers ultimate freedom, peace, and comes with a great price. Our jetKAYAK GT is equipped with analog display gauges for your convenience and safety. Our powerful max.17.5 hp, 4 stroke engine is quiet, dependable, and efficient. It provides two hours of ride time at full throttle. This jet powered kayak is great for fresh or salt water. The jetKAYAK GT is easily transported in in the bed of an standard pick up truck. An optional beach dolly is also available.

–    fishing rod mounting bases
–    dry storage compartment
–    Easy to use central Joystick                                           
–    Adjustable foot pedals                                                    
–    Analog gauges for easy reading
–    Dimensions: 113,4″ x 28,5″ x 16,1″ , 288 x 72,5 x 41 cm
–    Dry weight: 183 lbs – 83 kg
–    Recommended Max. Load: 250 lbs – 114 kg
–    Electric start

–    max. 17,5 PS engine, Max. speed: 35 mp/h, 56 km/h

–    Engine: four-stroke, closed loop water cooling system

–    3,7 gallon ( 14 L ) gas tank: approximate 160 km range

–    Fuel consumption per hour at full throttle(Top speed): 5 liters per hour

–    Fuel consumption per hour at2/3 throttle (Cruising speed): 2.8 liters per hour.


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