Sea of Stars: Fishing Guide – All Fish, Tips, & Locations

Sea of Stars: Fishing Guide – All Fish, Tips, & Locations

The chance to take a load off and relax isn’t common in high-stakes JRPGs, but thankfully, Sea of Stars offers a break in the form of fishing. This can be fun to pass the time and can net you some extra materials for recipes and achievements for the completionists out there.

To help you become the best fisher you can be, we’ve put together this guide with some tips on how to fish in Sea of Stars, as well as all the types of fish and their locations.

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Where to Fish in Sea of Stars

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Players can fish in specific locations in Sea of Stars. These are found in various areas of the map, and are denoted by a small pond with a fish jumping out of the water like the image you can see above. As long as you can reach it, you are able to fish there.

How to Fish in Sea of Stars

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Fishing is simple to learn in Sea of Stars and does not require additional items like bait or a rod. All you need to do is head to a fishing location, walk up to the small dock, and cast your line.

You can move your Bobber as it flies into the water, giving you some freedom as to where it lands, and if you happen to make a mistake or miss, you can cancel the action, and it will automatically return to you. You can also hit the action button again to knock the Bobber, causing it to fall directly down where it is into the water.

Hooking and Reeling

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Once the bobber lands in the water near a fish, it will be a hook, and you can begin reeling the fish in. To reel in your catch, use the action button, which is the same one you used to cast. Hold it down to slowly bring in the fish.

As you might expect, they can be a bit feisty and move around, so you’ll need to use your left and right movements to pull them in and keep them under control.

Blue Zone and Line Heath

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When you hook a fish, a blue wavey area will appear in the water, and you need to keep the fish inside as you reel it in. This prevents your line from getting damaged and breaking.

To keep the fish in this area, you’ll want to use the left and right movements to hold it steady and only reel in when it’s in this area. If not, your line will begin to flash red and eventually snap. Thankfully, if this happens, there is no major punishment or issue, just the minor inconvenience of trying again.

Some Tips to Make Fishing Easy

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As I said, fishing is pretty easy in Sea of Stars, but there are a couple of tips that can make it quicker and easier so you can get on with your adventures.

For one, when you drop the Bobber into the water, it will make a small ring. If you can land this on or very near a fish, it will instantly hook it, so you don’t need to pull or wait for a fish to bite your line.

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Additionally, fish occasionally jump out of the water while hooked. If you can press the action button quick enough as they come out of the water, you can stun them for a few seconds, denoted by the stars that appear over them. When they are stunned, they offer no resistance and can be reeled in with no pushback, so try and take advantage of this when you can.

Fishing Upgrades in Sea of Stars

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After reaching a certain point in the game, you will unlock access to a fishing shop that will allow you to upgrade your rod, provided you have captured enough fish species to do so.

After watching a certain amount of different fish, you can get several Relics that will provide upgrades to make fishing quicker and easier. These are listed below.

Name Description Unlock Condition Image
Mithreel Rod Fish Stamina will deplete faster, making them easier to catch. Reward for catching 4 fish species. Sea_of_Star_Mithreel_Rod
Stereofilament Line Fishing line has more health, taking longer to break. Reward for catching 7 fish species. Sea_of_Star_Stereofilament_Line
Bearing Rod Faster reeling speed on your rod so you can pull fishing in quicker. Reward for catching 14 fish species. Sea_of_Stars_Bearing_Rod_Relic
Flimsy Hammer Needed to unlock a secret at the Crypt after the games true ending. Reward for catching all 23 fish species. Sea_of_Stars_Filmsy_Hammer_Fishing

Why Bother with Fishing in Sea of Stars?

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There are a few reasons to fish in Sea of Stars, the first being it’s tied to the “Master Angler” achievement which requires you to catch one of every fish in the game, so completionists will need to do this activity.

Additionally, you will need fish for a lot of the recipes to make your food, with a lot of the best food items requiring fish to make, and if you have too much, it’s a good way to get some extra gold if you are running short.

Lastly, the final item you earn from the Fisherman, the Filmsy Hammer, is an important item you will need along with several others to find one of the last secrets in Sea of Stars, so taking the time to complete this task is more than worth it.

All Fish & Their Locations in Sea of Stars

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Below, we have listed all the fish we currently have in Sea of Stars, including their locations and what seafood and fish materials they provide.

Image Name Locations Materials
Sea_of_Stars_Man_o_War Man o’ War Lavish Lake

Sunglow Lake
2 Seafood
Sea_of_Stars_Lunar_Trout Lunar Trout Windy Loch

Sunglow Lake

Abandoned Wizard Lab
2 Fish
Sea_of_Stars_Lunar_Shell Hardshell Windy Loch

Sunglow Lake

Settler’s Rest
3 Seafood
Sea_of_Stars_Grass_Haddock Grass Haddock Windy Loch

Sunglow Lake

Settler’s Rest
3 Fish
Sea_of_Stars_Ghosturgeon Ghosturgeon Haunted Creek 2 Fish
Sea_of_Stars_Spectral_Eel Spectral Eel Haunted Creek 2 Seafood
Sea_of_Stars_Bone_Pike Bone Pike Haunted Creek 3 Fish
Sea_of_Stars_Crimson_Bass Crimson Bass Settler’s Rest

Watcher’s Pond
3 Fish
Sea_of_Stars_Seakjaw Seakjaw Settler’s Rest 3 Fish
Sea_of_Stars_Viridian_Lobster Viridian Lobster Watcher’s Pond 3 Seafood
Sea_of_Stars_Sun_Carp Sun Carp Watcher’s Pond 3 Fish
Sea_of_Stars_Fluorescent_Piranha Fluorescent Piranha Watcher’s Pond

Lake Turquoise
2 Fish
Sea_of_Stars_Rock_Shrimp Rock Shrimp Sulfuric Basin 2 Seafood
Sea_of_Stars_Lava_Koi Lava Koi Sulfuric Basin 3 Fish
Sea_of_Stars_Clockwork_Crab Clockwork Crab Lake Turquoise 3 Seafood
Sea_of_Stars_Swordfish Sword Fish Lake Turquoise 3 Fish
Sea_of_Stars_Ninja_Starfish Ninja Starfish Lake Turquoise

Skybound Lagoon
2 Seafood
Sea_of_Stars_Sky_Urchin Sky Urchin Skybound Lagoon 3 Seafood
Sea_of_Stars_Cloud_Skate Cloud Skate Skybound Lagoon 2 Fish
Sea_of_Stars_Silicium_Sponge Silicium Sponge Cerulean Reservoir 2 Seafood
Sea_of_Stars_Coil_Flounder Coil Flounder Cerulean Reservoir 2 Fish
Sea_of_Stars_Cybernardl_Hermite Cybernardl Hermite Cerulean Reservoir 3 Seafood
Sea_of_Stars_Laser_Burbot Lasor Burbot Cerulean Reservoir 2 Fish

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