Scary fishing game Dredge sails to a frozen frontier in November for its first DLC

Scary fishing game Dredge sails to a frozen frontier in November for its first DLC

Dredge, a horror fishing game that has no right to be as good as it is, is getting its first expansion on November 16. The Pale Reach update will add an icy biome for daring fishermen to explore, a bunch of new fish to catch, and quality of life updates.

Developer Black Salt Games has been releasing a steady drip of Dredge updates since the game launched in March, but it’s been comparatively little stuff like map markers, a photo mode, and boat customization options. The Pale Reach will be the surprise indie darling’s biggest update yet by a significant margin.

The DLC will take you on another journey that’s chill and terrifying in equal parts, this time through icy canyons as you retrace the path of a long-forgotten expedition and search for the undoubtedly ominous fate of previous travelers. At some point, you’ll need to upgrade your ship with special gear so that you can smash through the floes in the freezing water.

“Doing an icy biome was something we had considered when we were first designing Dredge, but the other biomes felt better for the story we wanted to tell and the time we had to make the game,” says producer Nadia Thorne. “After launch, it became the most requested new biome from players, with the community wondering what it could be like and even creating fan art inspired by it. We’re delighted to be bringing this idea to life for players.”

Alongside the new biome and story content, the Pale Reach will add 11 new fish and crab species – not to mention their horrific counterparts – as well as a whole new and unspecified fish type. Finally, there will be a new item that keeps your fish fresher for longer no matter the climate.

The Pale Reach will be followed by another big expansion, titled The Iron Rig, at some point in the future. Black Salt says we’ll learn more about that DLC “soon.”

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