‘Rude Jude’ hands over her naughty bait and tackle shop that has tickled tourists and locals alike for decades

‘Rude Jude’ hands over her naughty bait and tackle shop that has tickled tourists and locals alike for decades

Judey Aiken is as well-known for her potty mouth as she is for her eclectic outback store selling fishing gear and sex toys.

Key points:

  • Judey Aiken has sold her shop after 41 years in the business
  • She says in her retirement, she plans to spend time with family and go fishing 
  • The new owners say the “naughty corner” will not only stay, it will get bigger

Better known as “Rude Jude”, the diminutive 73-year-old is an iconic character in the remote community of Charleville in south-western Queensland.

But after four decades at the counter of her small shop selling fishing and camping gear, along with a mix of adult and novelty toys, Jude is putting out the “gone fishing” sign.

As a keen fisherwoman, Jude opened the shop in 1982, but the range on offer quickly grew.

“I really just wanted a shop to sell fishing gear and camping gear,” she said.

“Then I ended up with everything — toys, novelties, a ‘naughty corner’. I’ve got all sorts of stuff, it’s unimaginable.”

Jude has a mouth that could make a sailor blush, but it’s her warm heart and boisterous nature that leave an impression.

woman in green shirt smiles behind a shop counter

Famed fisherwoman Judey opened her camping and tackle shop in Charleville in 1982. The adult novelties came later.      (ABC Western Queensland: Danielle Lancaster)

In recent years, Rude Jude’s local celebrity has reached the rest of the country.

She’s featured on the ABC’s Back Roads and has a regular spot offering fishing tips on ABC Queensland’s Regional Drive radio program.

“We’ve had a heap of people in this year from all over Australia, New Zealand, overseas, lots of people from Tasmania,” she said.

“It’s just unbelievable.”

When asked about her favourite moments in the shop, Jude struggles to pinpoint a single memory, but it usually revolves around the people she’s met.

“Meeting people, talking to people,” she said.

She’s proud of her contribution to the south-west Queensland town and community where she started up the local fishing club 32 years ago.

“I love my fishing. I just wanted to get everyone together.”


What’s next for Rude Jude?

Jude said she’ll spend time doing up her house, visiting family and, of course, fishing.

“Next up for me, a lot of tears, it’s very emotional,” Jude said.

“Sit back and relax, I don’t know how, but I’ve never been bored in my life, so I’m certainly not going to be bored.”

woman in green shirt handing keys to couple

Jude has handed over the keys of her store in Charleville to new owners, Sam Price and “Blue” Booth.(ABC Western Queensland: Danielle Lancaster)

Naughty corner to stay

Jude has handed the keys of her iconic shop to Sam Price and Warrick “Blue” Booth.

The number one question they’re hearing is: “Will the naughty corner stay?”

“Yes, yes, and yes! It will be kept, and we’ll expand it,” Ms Price said.

Both are keen anglers and campers.

“I’m obsessed with fishing and could do it all day,” Ms Price said.

“We know everyone in town, so it’s going to be a fun time.”

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