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Ultraskiff by Pond King

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At Pond King, our mission is to help you get more from your outdoor experiences.

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At Pond King, our mission is to help you get more from your outdoor experiences. That means we’re always looking for ways to help you spend more time down at the pond – with your family or friends or by yourself. That’s why we’ve designed all our boats to not only be incredibly stable but also virtually maintenance-free. And that’s why we are proud to announce the latest addition to our family of boats …

The Ultraskiff by Pond King

The Ultraskiff by Pond King is a one-man, round fishing boat that has been designed to offer all the conveniences of a kayak without any of the hassles. This boat is highly portable, easy to transport, self-stabilizing, low-maintenance, and offers unobstructed 360-degree access to the fish on your line.

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Rolling the Ultraskiff


The ability to roll the Ultraskiff like a wheel is a one-of-a-kind innovation and feature in the marketplace. The Bumper/Roll-bar creates minimal contact with the ground and enables the boat to roll over the prow, completing the rotation. The Bumper/Roll Bar also allows the Ultraskiff to slide on its side thanks to the minimal ground contact, making it super easy to move the boat on hard surfaces like docks or the floor in your garage. To learn the proper way to roll the Ultraskiff, visit the Ultraskiff YouTube channel.



The gunwales, outer deck and hull of the Ultraskiff are all merged into an inverted landscape creating a lower, more controlled center of gravity. This design has a unique self-stabilizing effect on your balance, equilibrium, stability, increasing your overall confidence when standing, kneeling or enter/exiting the platform. You will be amazed by how confident you’ll feel interacting with this part of the boat and how your feet will ergonomically match the surface while sitting, allowing you to exert outward pressure with your feet from virtually any seating height or position. If you need to make a firm hook-set, keep the boat aligned with a fighting fish, or turn in your chair while sitting on a high perch, your feet will instinctively reach outward for support.

Fisherman Balancing on Ultraskiff

360-degree fish-ability of the Ultraskiff

360-Degree Fishability

When fishing from a kayak, you often find yourself in an “L” position relative to the fish, resulting in a lot of neck and torso twisting to keep your eyes and body aligned with your bait. With Jon boats, you’re sitting on a bench seat where you have to swivel on the bench seat, lifting one or both legs up and over the bench. But, the Ultraskiff allows you to achieve a 360-degree vantage point because no matter how the round boat turns under your feet, your vantage point and posture can be constant.

Easy to Transport

The Ultraskiff is one of the easiest hauling watercraft on the market. It is easy to roll and lightweight, so one person can get it into a truck bed, onto a small utility trailer, or even a wheelchair or cargo carrier. Heck, one person could even slide it onto the top of a vehicle. It has five deep strap guides along the gunwales, and, when you remove the detachable pedestal mount, a large center hole making it easy to secure the Ultraskiff to almost anything. Check out the Ultraskiff YouTube channel for demonstration videos on strapping the Ultraskiff to a variety of vehicles.

  • Standard Features
  • The Ultraskiff hull is made from roto-molded UV Resistant Polyethylene and comes with these standard features:

    (3) Deep, Wide, Elevated Storage Compartments with Covers: Each cover has two access slots for feeding wires, anchor or dock lines, and hoses into the compartments while the doors are closed. Use the slots to feed cables and wires around the boat to keep the cables away from the deck. In addition, every door has a bungee latch that you can tighten and adjust anytime.

    (1) Battery Compartment:  Holds one battery up to Class 31 Deep Cycle.

    (4) Large Cup Holder/Utility Pockets: Perfect for holding travel mugs, water bottles, or adult beverages and large enough to fit any phone.

    (4) 5″ Cleats: Ideal for tying off the boat or securing an anchor, each cleat has threaded inserts underneath so that you can replace them with external rod holders or fish finders.

    (4) Bottom Utility Inserts: Recessed disks located at the four corners of the hull bottom; use these inserts to mount magnets, brackets, and plates for transducers and pumps.

    (1) Molded Tow Ring:  Use as intended or as an anchor push pin holder.

    (2) Deep Mold-in Handles: Handles located underneath the flare for lifting, carrying, and dollying the boat by hand.

    (8) Strap Guides: These guides are strategically positioned around the perimeter of the craft to enable different methods of securing the boat to roof racks and trailers. The strap guides are on the front and rear of the hull, which is ideal for securing the skiff to a trailer with two ratchet straps. There is no need for any “specialized trailers” or “specialized dollies.” The exposed center hole and deep, grooved strap guides let you secure two Ultraskiffs to any small trailer, cargo carrier, or pickup truck bed with ratchet straps. You can also strap the Ultraskiff to any vertical cargo carrier behind an RV.

    (6) Rod Holders: Equally spaced and perfect for creating custom duck blinds, tents, sunshades, and anything else out of 1 1/4″ PVC.

    (6) Skegs: Sternward extensions for tracking and hull protection.

    (1) Bumper/Rollbar: A ridge around the circumference of the skiff that protects the side when rolling, sliding, or impacting a dock or piling.

    (1) Drainage Canal: Designed to let water drain around the ring of the pedestal mount and through the primary tunnel access in the rear. You can feed hoses and wires through the main tunnel and into the pedestal mount or underneath the pedestal mount through the shock absorber hose.

    (2) Transom Plates: Stainless steel and removable.

The Ultraskiff ships FREE to any commercial location in the continent.

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    Very positive experience. I highly recommend this company/ website.

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    Good selection at good prices, quick on time delivery

  3. Nathaniel (verified owner)

    Product came quickly and at a great price. Giving four stars instead of five because it was packaged in only a plastic bag and one layer bubble wrap.

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Good quality.Good service.The product is firmly packed.Very fast delivery.Very well worth the money.


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