My wife harpooned me in the nuts: Buriram man

My wife harpooned me in the nuts: Buriram man

A man in the northeastern province of Buriram is recovering today after his wife reportedly stabbed him in the genitals with a fishing harpoon.

Identified only as Boonchoey, 43, the man required 17 stitches after a row gave led to his testicular lancing – at least in his version of events – which he said today he won’t press charges over.

It all began last night when the couple’s dispute over mundane domestic issues escalated into domestic violence.

Booncheoy’s account of the incident tells a gruesome tale. He says he fled his wrathful wife to his mother’s nearby home, where, he told reporters, his angry spouse used a harpoon to stab him “like a fish.” (He said they keep the harpoon to, well, stab fish.)

The 45-year-old sugar cane farmer fled by motorcycle to his mother’s house, where he didn’t think much of his injuries and fell asleep. In the morning, realizing the damage that had been done, he went to Lahan Sai Hospital in the southern reaches of the rice basket province.

Then there’s a very different account offered by Boonchoey’s wife, identified only as Chanita.

Chanita, 43, told reporters outside their Buriram home that it was a pretty normal Thursday, given that her husband of 21 years came home drunk. Tired from cutting sugar cane and annoyed that Booncheoy had once again forgotten to cook dinner, she yelled at him, at which point he became violent and began choking her.

In response, Chanita grabbed and twisted his crotch. She said no weapon was used, and Booncheoy fled to his mother’s house on a motorcycle where he passed out drunk.

Though there is no conclusive evidence, the doctors at the hospital said the stab wounds to his junk were consistent with a fishing harpoon. For now, Boonchoey is staying with his mom to see if things blow over.

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