Mum’s agony after losing part of leg from fishing line

Mum’s agony after losing part of leg from fishing line

WARNING: GRAPHIC IMAGES A woman has tragically lost half her leg after a nasty scratch sustained from a fishing line in her pocket became infected, resulting in a whopping 55 surgeries

Michelle Milton, 36. Photo released January 22 2024. See SWNS story SWFTleg. A woman lost half her leg and endured 55 surgeries after a small scratch from a fishing hook became infected. Michelle Milton, 36, now has a wound that oozes with pus and is begging doctors to remove her ravaged limb altogether.Her ordeal began on 28 March 2018, on a fishing trip when a hook left in her front pocket pierced her right thigh.

Michelle Milton, 36

A woman was rendered devastated after losing half her leg when a scratch from a fishing line became severely infected.

Michelle Milton, 36, has had to go through a whopping 55 surgeries on a wound that oozes with pus. Her physical pain has become so difficult to manage, that she is pleading with medical experts to amputate her infected limb altogether.

On August 18, 2019, the adventurer headed out on a fishing trip for what should’ve been a lovely outing. However, in a freak accident, she fell on a rock, and the fishing line stabbed through her pocket and dug into her thigh.

Initially, Michelle did not realise any cause for concern. But over the next four days, her leg began to swell, and her temperature started to rise. As time rolled by, her situation worsened, and within four days, Michelle was rushed to hospital.

Upon reviewing Michelle’s leg, doctors realised they had to act immediately. However, the infection had progressed past the point of return, becoming resistant to antibiotics. Consequently, medical experts had to cut into her thigh, leaving the mum of two with a gaping hole in her inner leg, resulting in 55 surgeries, including skin grafts, washouts and tissue removal.

Michelle is in huge amounts of pain


Michelle Milton / SWNS)

Michelle Milton in Basildon University Hospital earlier this month


Michelle Milton / SWNS)

Over the last five years, Michelle has been given endless amounts of hope, all amounting to nothing, leaving her in a state of mental exhaustion. She told WalesOnline: “I never thought a fishing line could cause so much damage. I just want my leg off. Every day is filled with agony, and I’ve begged them to take it off. They just keep cutting away at my leg. I can barely walk or sit down. There’s going to be nothing left of me.”

When she first arrived in hospital, the doctors were left stunned, not quite knowing how to deal with the terrifying extent of their patient’s infection.

Michelle explained: “They had no idea what was going on. The pain grew, and the infection kept spreading across my leg. I was in a lot of pain, but I thought some antibiotics could fix the issue.

“I’m in agony, every second of every day. I miss my family and my kids. The doctors have no idea what’s going on. They just keep discharging me, and prescribing me antibiotics. I’m constantly in and out of hospital.

On October 24, surgeons made another effort to suck out the pus. But sadly, the infection has now spread to her right leg, leaving Michelle heartbroken.

She said: “I’m mentally and physically drained. I have pus constantly leaking from my body. Everything is ticking down. I’m scared I’m going to die; I’m so poorly. I’m sick of spending my life in hospital. I can’t believe a simple scratch has left me like this.”

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