Miami Fishing Charters Forced to Raise Prices Due to Unprecedented Inflation

Miami Fishing Charters Forced to Raise Prices Due to Unprecedented Inflation

With inflation continually increasing prices in gas, food, and other necessities, Miami fishing charters are either forced to raise prices or cut profits to stay running.

Inflation has hit every industry badly, and fishing charters are no exception. If gas prices are high for those on the road, charter captains also have their fair share of problems with the rising expenses of maintaining business operations. Offshore fishing charters can burn over 100 gallons of gas in a single trip.

The high gas prices and increase prices for bait and tackle are forcing charter captains to raise their prices and potentially loose customers due to the higher cost to fish. Combine that with the fears of the looming recession and it has stirred big waves in the fishing charter industry.

“Inflation has definitely slowed business down, even more so since the pandemic. It isn’t as busy as it was before, and it may be due to the fact that people are more focused on budgeting for other things than on fishing trips at the moment,” says Tim Stocks, owner of Miami Fishing Charters.

Some charter captains have reported that the cost of operating their boats is almost about to double this year with fuel prices alone. Half-day charters per person that once cost $200 on average have now been raised to $250, while half-day private charters for six people went from $1,100 on average to $1,400.

With that said, there is still some hope. “Despite what inflation has done to businesses and individuals, there are still people who continue calling to join or book fishing charters. We’re hopeful that we see more locals and tourists booking charters, but we’re still unsure of what summer will hold for inshore and offshore excursions,” says Tim Stocks.

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