Man climbs into boat just in time as great white shark approaches

Man climbs into boat just in time as great white shark approaches

Two men, one fishing and the other taking a dip in the ocean off the boat’s stern, were unaware that a great white shark was heading in their direction.

The situation became more intense as the shark got closer and closer with filmmaker Carlos Gauna watching from his camera-equipped drone.

“The moment does bring me some worry,” Gauna stated in the video showing the encounter. “I move the drone closer and closer. They must hear it. Once again, I move the drone up and down.”

Finally, the man fishing noticed the shark and alerted his fishing partner to get out of the water. He did so as the shark came within 10 feet of the man.

Both men thanked Gauna with a thumbs-up sign.

The 10-minute video on Gauna’s YouTube channel called TheMalibuArtist does not lack drama. It opens with a spearfisherman, who is also oblivious to the shark that is swimming close by. The encounter with the boat fishermen starts around the 4:40 mark.

After swimming near the spearfisherman, the shark turned its attention to the boat and fisherman in the water, or at least that’s what it appeared.

Gauna, based in Southern California and whose works have been used by National Geographic and Discovery Channel, finally disclosed in the video why the shark was so interested in the boat. The fishermen’s catch was on a stringer in the water near where the man took a dip.

Gauna stated that it’s an example of people on the water needing situational awareness and knowing what attracts sharks.

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