How to find and beat Klaus the Great White Shark in Dave the Diver

How to find and beat Klaus the Great White Shark in Dave the Diver

Looking for a fun fishing game that has some exhilarating challenges? Dave the Diver is an increasingly popular fishing game that has you doing more than just fishing. You’ll need to find Klaus the Great White Shark. This is a very difficult task, however.

If you want to find Kluas the Great White Shark and then defeat him, here’s your complete guide. Good luck, chums.

How to find Klaus the Great White Shark in Dave the Diver

How To Beat Shark Boss Klaus In Dave The Diver

Klaus is not like most sharks — he isn’t out in the open water and you’ll need to find a very specific location under the right circumstances.

Your journey to find Klaus starts with locating an old lady diver named Clara who can found on a raft. This will begin the Revenge Time story quest, where Clara wants to seek revenge on Klaus for killing her husband.

You’ll find out that Klaus only comes out of the depths on stormy nights and you must find him before the storm ends. Equip everything you need and then head to the far right side of the map to find the vortex where Klaus pulled down Clara’s husband. Klaus will be here ready for combat.

How to defeat Klaus the Great White Shark

Klaus is a fearsome foe that will require a bit of a plan beforehand. Make sure you have long-ranged weapons, an extra oxygen tank, and Charms that allow you some boosts.

This massive bad fish has some fast attacks that will require you to dodge. Keep your distance as much as you can to avoid his powerful bites. Klaus has a pretty far reach but he is a bit predictable. You’ll notice he always chomps in a straight line, so be ready to dodge.

As the fight continues, you’ll see whirlpools created with his tail. Avoid them by swimming upward or downward.

Keep your eye on your air and ammo as well. You can find extra supplies lying on the ocean floor.

When you defeat Klaus, you’ll get to watch Clara punch him to death.

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