Fishing hook lurks in frozen squid pack at Bukit Batok Sheng Siong

Fishing hook lurks in frozen squid pack at Bukit Batok Sheng Siong

A Bukit Batok resident got more than she bargained for while cleaning her frozen squid purchase. Nestled amidst the tentacles, she discovered a surprise – a metal fishing hook. 

The customer, who shared her experience on Complaint Singapore Facebook (post now deleted), said she bought the S$6.99 packet from the Sheng Siong outlet at Block 154A Bukit Batok West Avenue 8 on Dec. 14. A photo accompanying the post showed the offending hook, described as “umbrella-shaped,” snugly lodged under the squid’s tentacles. 

“Super sharp!” she cautioned fellow seafood enthusiasts, urging them to be extra careful when prepping their catches. 

Shin Min Daily News shed some light on the fishy affair. Experts suspect the hook belonged to a squid jig, a multi-pronged tool used to snag these cephalopods. Apparently, the shiny metal attracts squids, who end up getting hooked when they take a bite. 

Online sleuths, however, offered another theory: a careless fisherman leaving a souvenir behind. 

Sheng Siong, when contacted by Shin Min, expressed regret and promptly contacted the customer to apologize. They offered a full refund and assured an internal investigation to prevent future snags, literal and metaphorical. 

So, the next time you’re preparing a squiddy feast, keep your eyes peeled (or tentacularly alert) for any unexpected hardware. Who knows, you might just reel in a story instead!

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