Fishing boat rescues man stuck at sea for 24 hours; watch dramatic clip

Fishing boat rescues man stuck at sea for 24 hours; watch dramatic clip

In a scene that reminded viewers of the movie The Life of Pi, a man was rescued by a fishing boat after he was lost at sea for over 24 hours. The video of this incident was shared on Twitter and shows how the people in the fishing boat saved the man’s life. As per the video, this man was found three miles off Hawaii’s shores. Furthermore, he was lost at sea due to an ocean accident on one of the windiest days of the year.

Have a look at the video here:

Mason was in an ocean accident in Hawaii that left him fighting for his life for over 24 hours at sea.

He was rescued by a fishing boat 3 miles off shore.


— GoodNewsMovement (@GoodNewsMVT) November 29, 2022

As stated in the video, the boat was the last one on the harbour and his last chance of life. The man was hypothermic and severely dehydrated. The people on the boat got him to the paramedics on time. In the video, the survivor can be seen shivering a lot. His rescuers comfort him and cover him with some kind of a blanket. He is also given water to drink, but it can be seen that he is shivering so badly that even holding the water bottle becomes difficult for him. As per the caption of this tweet, the man named Mason was in an ocean accident in Hawaii.

In a similar incident some months ago, two men were rescued off the coast of Marshfield after their out-of-control motorboat was locked in a pattern called the “circle of death”.

Have a look at this clip here:

They were somehow ejected from their boat, and were not wearing life jackets. Meanwhile, their boat was running in circles. With the help of a nylon tow line, officials stopped the boat after 90 minutes, according to the Marshfield Police Department. The police confirmed that the two men were not injured. They also reminded people of how fast things can go wrong in the water without any warning. The police went on to say that even experienced mariners can get into situations like this.

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