Drew Rosenhaus Wrestles Shark On Fishing Trip With Tyreek Hill

Drew Rosenhaus Wrestles Shark On Fishing Trip With Tyreek Hill

NFL Super Agent Drew Rosenhaus
Forget Negotiations W/ GMs
I’m Wrestling Sharks!!!

6/20/2023 9:31 AM PT

Drew Rosenhaus went from being a proverbial shark on Tuesday … to wrestling an actual one — and the wild scene was all captured on video!!!

The NFL super agent’s chaotic meeting with the sea beast happened just minutes ago while he was out fishing with his client, Dolphins superstar Tyreek Hill.

You can see in footage that Rosenhaus just posted to his Twitter page … as he was out in the ocean snorkeling, a shark pulled up to the boat — but instead of swimming away in fear, he went toward it!!

People on the ship urged Drew to think twice … but the man who’s helped negotiate over $7 BILLION in NFL contracts put his hands on the shark nonetheless, and then pulled it toward him!

Rosenhaus could be seen in the footage then urging people on the boat to then take a picture.

One of the best parts of the clip? One of the fisherman asked Hill if he wanted to join in on the water party with Drew … and Tyreek’s answer was priceless.

“Hell nah!” the wide receiver exclaimed.

Seems Rosenhaus was able to make it back in the boat with all of his limbs intact … and, yeah, that sound you just heard was a big sigh of relief from all of his clients who are hoping he can help make them some serious bank this season.

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