Dredge Docking a Brand New Update Today

Dredge Docking a Brand New Update Today

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The waters are growing even stranger. It seems that more wildlife is being seen, and even strange sightings of something fearsome in the deep. This is a warning to any fisherman who dares leave the safety of the harbor. It gets dark out there. Today, Team17 and Black Salt Games are proud to announce the new update for their critically acclaimed fishing adventure, Dredge. Introducing two new modes, a host of wildlife events, and even a new monster, the update is aiming to spice up the game even further. Of course, a press release goes into some more details about the game and specifically the update. Additionally, an update 2 trailer shows off everything arriving with the update. 


Dredge invites players to step into the boots of a fisherman. Life isn’t easy out on the water, and players will need to make a living however they can. Obviously, the easiest way to do this is by catching fish and selling them at the various harbors. However, not everything is as it seems in the archipelago. Once night falls, the waters become much more dangerous. Home to monsters, and a hauntingly terrifying mystery, the archipelago is nothing to shrug at. Now, it’s receiving even more to look out for. 

The new update for Dredge is bringing many changes to the waters of the game. Namely, the inclusion of Passive and Photo modes. Passive mode allows players to experience none of the dark denizens of the deep and just enjoy the game, while photo mode allows players to capture sea life and eldritch horrors with their camera. Of course, there is some brand new life, including the mighty whale shark, to document. Check out the new trailer for a glimpse of the update. 

Dredge is out now on PC, Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, and Xbox consoles.


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