Dredge catches and releases March 30

Dredge catches and releases March 30

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A lonely boy finds peace in fishing

Are you ready to bait some monsters?

Team17 and Black Salt Games have announced that the eldritch fishing game, Dredge, will be setting sail on March 30, 2023. That’s why I love fishing games, there are so many analogies I can make for when they launch. That’s practically another one right there! It’ll be coming to PC and all your favorite consoles.

Dredge has you set out into the murky waters to make a living by selling your fishing discoveries and running quests for the inhabitants of the islands. While you’re at it, solve a mystery, upgrade your boat, and strengthen your mind to survive.

I find it difficult to imagine any sport that couldn’t be monumentally improved with eldritch horror. However, while I’m waiting for my Elder Gods Basketball, I’m definitely down for setting sail and being a harvester of the sea in Dredge. Jordan gave the demo a look back when it dropped and came away impressed. While this will be Black Salt Games’ maiden voyage, it’s looking to be a memorable one.

You’ll be seeing Dredge off the starboard bow on March 30, 2023 on Switch, PlayStation, Xbox, and PC platforms.

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